Underbelly Arts Festival, Cockatoo Island 

3rd 4th August 2013

Ghost Ships Premiere

Responding to the specifics of space, Ghost Ships is an ambient audio-visual performance and installation that explores the island’s previous histories as a convict quarry, shipbuilding yard and a reform school. The work will explore the nexus between environmental/spatial sensing, digital and analogue media and live performers. Through the use of sensing technologies, Ghost Ships will create both a responsive installation and performance environment, with this physical mapping operating as a metaphor for uncovering its unheard/unseen histories.


ISEA2013 – Macrophonics II

Bon Marche Studio, 13 June

Julian Knowles, Donna Hewitt, Alon Ilsar, Wade Marynowsky

“Macrophonics II was perhaps less about the tensions between old and new media and more about the interplay of aesthetics, technologies and micro and macro cultures. Knowles and Hewitt position themselves within a pop lineage rather than high-art computer music framework. Perhaps what Macrophonics II really illustrates is how the ‘new technologies’—these complex interfaces and processing systems—can break out of the niche of experimentalism and become part of the wider popular music culture” Gail Priest Realtime.

“The final performance by Donna Hewitt used both the eMic—an interactive microphone interface that she has been developing for over a decade—and her newer wearable interface which allows greater gestural play and interaction with sound. Hewitt comes from a pop/rock music background and her two pieces were unabashedly tonal with luscious harmonic layering reaching an almost symphonic scale. The control offered by the eMic is particularly impressive, allowing Hewitt to generate this complexly looped and layered composition without once returning to the laptop.” Gail Priest, Realtime

Datascape Exhibition Performance

The Block, Kelvin Grove

18th April 6.30pm

Donna is performing with her eMic and dancers Lizzie and Zaimon Vilmanis at the Datascape Exhibition at QUT

Datascape performance Hewitt
DonnaHewitt performing at Datascape Exhibition with her eMic