Donna Hewitt

Dr Donna Hewitt

Composer Performer and Instrument Designer

Images taken at 107 Projects by RH photography 

Reviews and Quotes

 “…her delicious voice transformed before us into shimmering electronica…” (Small Bla

ck Box)

“Hewitt’s velvety voice pines and purrs, fractured, delayed and panned by strokes, caresses and sways of the stand” (Realtime)

“Hewitt’s morphed voice emerges into dreamy awareness. The aesthetic here is in the electronic orchestration of musical and non-musical fragments into a seductive song” (Realtime)

“…the best sounding sounds to come out of the speakers at Small Black Box that I’ve heard in a long time; experimental music without experimental production…” (Small Black Box)

Idol is simply good! And quite special. Thank you for bringing it to us.” (Eldad Tsabury curator UVM2011 Montreal Canada)

“Donna intrigued the audience with her “e-mic” and “wearable controllers”. She wears wires that are attached to her microphone, speakers and lap-top. By moving her body and the e-mic she distorts the sound waves, creating amazing layers of music. The result is extraordinary. Donna performed two songs: I Can’t Breathe and Idol, reminiscent of Patti Smith’s deep lyrics with amazing technology that puts a permanent smile on your face.” (Sydney Arts Guide 2016)


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