The eMic (Extended Mic-Stand Interface Controller) is a gestural controller for contemporary vocal performance. The design for the eMic was initially based on a study of the gestural language of singers who use stand mounted microphones. the interface has been progressively refined through successive prototypes and has served as a platform to explore questions around the relationship of sound, voice, body and gesture. The interface has this been the basis for a series of works that explore different approaches to composition and performance that provide responsive control over a singer’s voice in performance.

The eMic is a microphone stand that has been custom design to include an array of sensors to capture the gestures and movement of the vocal performer. There is an industrial joystick on the top, pressure sensors on the mic clip, distance sensors on the side, slide sensors on the stand, accelerometer and pressure sensors on the base and switches on the base and top.


eMic Mark II


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