Poetry & Music

A Collaboration between StéPhanie Petitcolin, Donna Hewitt and John Montgomery

Nuit (Night)

This poem tells us of the sacred time of night, sleep, and dreams. Here, the night goddess, Nyx, comes to take us away, she has a benevolent presence. She comes to free us and brings us appeasement, invigorating and renewing us. Stéphanie Petitcolin

‘Nuit’ : Poem and voice – Stéphanie Petitcolin, Music – Donna Hewitt, Video – John Montgomery

Dans la maison (In the House)

This poem expresses my experience with lockdown and what I felt within my body at the time that this happened. My distress within the deprivation of freedom, the obligation to remain isolated and restricted in my movements all against nature. This is something that opposes itself to the essence of human nature, to life itself. Stéphanie Petitcolin

Dans La Maison (In the House) : Poem and Voice – Stéphanie Petitcolin, Music – Donna Hewitt, Video coming soon.

Les signes du temps (Signs of Time)

Les signes du temps, is about the signs of time on our faces like wrinkles that are all unique , indissociable in every individual story. I put them in parallel with nature and the cracks, the splits, the crevices, the river beds , the gorges, the tears, what creates, shapes, the complexity, the diversity of our beautiful and dramatic landscapes . An invitation to welcome , treasure , love them as a testimony of experiences of life lived to the fullest and embrace the natural order of things. Stéphanie Petitcolin

‘Signs of Time’ : Poetry and voice – Stéphanie Petitcolin, Music – Donna Hewitt, Video – John Montgomery