Folk Group

Donna Hewitt & Julian Knowles – Recordings

O Teannaibh Dluth Is Togaibh Fonn (Draw Close and Let Us Sing a Song)

Lead Vocal –  Donna Hewitt Backing Vocal – Janine Kain Guitar – Julian Knowles

Dream Angus (Lullaby)

Vocal Donna Hewitt Guitar Julian Knowles











Acapella Vocal Tracks – Recordings

Vocalists – Janine Kain, Donna Hewitt and Jenny Martin

Four Loomed Weaver

Ho Ro Mo Nighean Donn Bhoidheach (Nut Brown Maiden)

Blood and Gold

Acapella Vocal Tracks – Live

Vocalists – Janine Kain, Donna Hewitt, Vanessa Terheegde

Guitar – Julian Knowles

Recorder – Donna Hewitt

Heel Agus

Mouth Music

Waulking Song Set (Togaibh fonn an drasda/Beir Soiridh, soiridh bhuam/Fa rithill o ho)

Mouth Music (Diddling)

Mouth Music (Et tarava)

‘S truagh nach d’rugadh dall mi

Janine Kain Vocal Gaelic Song

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