Montreal and Halifax 2018 visit

Visiting Canada this week. First stop is an artists talk for the students at Concordia University and then I head off to Nova Scotia for the MINT Conference where I will speak about my work with gestural interfaces and perform with the eMic and wearable. I am also looking forward to a performance with the Concordia Laptop Orchestra cLork.

MINT conference image


Vivid Digital Workshop – Macrophonics – Controlling Music and Media with Moving Bodies

Digital Workshops: Macrophonics – Controlling Music and Media with Moving Bodies

This coming Sat 8th June at the MCA

Members of multi-media performance group Macrophonics will demonstrate approaches to the use of wearable sensors and new musical interfaces to control audio and video in real-time. Participants will gain an opportunity to see works in progress by the Macrophonics group.