Permafrost in Surround ACMC2019 performance

1 6 : 0 0 – 1 7 : 3 0 A C M C C O N C E R T – L I V E E L E C T R O N I C S

D R A M A T H E A T R E , B U I L D I N G 6 8

Donna Hewitt

“Permafrost for Surround” (2019)

Permafrost is a multi channel work (5.1) for live recorders and fixed electronics . The work is composed specifically for Blackburn and is the first composer- performer collaboration between these two artists . It is inspired by Alana’ s comprehensive musical vocabulary with the recorder family and highlights her extensive performance experience with the instruments .The work utilises both natural and synthesised sounds , including some recordings of Antarctic wildlife. The work aims to entwine the textures , timbres and spatial character s of the live and pre-recorded sounds . The work is inspired by the concept of ‘Permafrost’ , the ‘permanently ’ frozen earth found in colder climates . The predicted thawing of the permafrost is accompanied by some ominous scientific predictions for the future of our climate, ecosystems and health and was at the forefront of Hewitt’ s mind as she composed this work.

permafrost perform acmc2019
Alana Blackburn performing Permafrost at ACMC2019 Melbourne
Alana Donna ACMC2019 copy
Donna Hewitt & Alana Blackburn ACMC2019 Melbourne


Liquorice Allsorts: A Mixed Bag of Practice

25 June – 7 July
10am – 5pm daily

Bondi Pavilion Gallery

#Me Too video installation was included in the lovely exhibition.

A Waverley Artist Studios project for Bondi Winter Magic.

A lucky-dip of artworks derived from the Waverley Artist Studios, this exhibition is a mixed-bag of delights showcasing the works of Waverley studio artists from 2010 to present.

Artists include:
Andrew Christie, Donna Hewitt, Douglas Lance Gibson, Greg Semu, Jacqui Butterworth, Julian Talarico, Kevin Mackay, Kevin Platt, Kirsten Fredericks, Lisa Patroni, Mason Kimber, Maz Dixon, Megan Hales, Tannya Harricks

Performance with Female Laptop Orchestra (Flo)

FLO & Friends: City Jam – Zagreb, Academy of Music, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia, 21 June 2019

FLO: Nela Brown (HR), Magdalena Chudy (PL), Donna Hewitt (AU), Ariane Stolfi (BR), Ada Mathea Hoel (NO) + Zagreb Flute Ensemble (ZAF): Renata Penezić, Marija Esih, Danijela Klarić Mimica & Lidija Ljubičić + Academy of Music, University of Zagreb/4 SYRINX: Marina Novak (HR). A telematic multi-channel audio-visual performance collaboration featuring live electronics, voice processing, flute improvisations and dance art videos Hands & Vase IHands & Vase II and Walking in Lines by Fumi Tomioka (JP) and Aki Kawashita (JP).

Flo Concert Zagreb

Video 1

Video 2


Ethernet Orchestra & Flo collaboration

EO + FLO: Live at Halfback Books & Records, Dee Why, Sydney, Australia, 6 June 2019

Lovely performance with Ethernet Orchestra collaboration with Female Laptop Orchestra recorded live at Halfbackbooks & Records, Dee Why, Sydney Thursday 6th June 2019.

The concert featured visiting FLO founder and sound artist Nela Brown, Sydney based sound artist and vocalist Donna Hewitt, Mir Shahab Chilan performing on traditional Persian instruments balaban and dozaleh and trumpeter and sound artist, Roger Mills performing live at the bookshop.

Online performers included:

Chris Vine (guitar and electronics), Londrina (BR)
Holger Deuter, keyboard and synths), Speyer (DE)
Lea Ikkache (electronics), Paris, (FR)
Sonia Wilkie (flute and live coding), Melbourne (AU)

ethernet orchestra deewhy

Check the excerpt from the first part of the performance expertly mixed by Roger from co-located and remote audio stems!

Check the excerpt from the second part of the performance (filmed with the Zoom Q2n), in which the notoriously flaky Australian network started to ‘rear its ugly head’, allowing Roger and Mir to do a nice balaban and trumpet solos 🙂

FLO: Nela Brown (HR), Sonia Wilkie (AU), Donna Hewitt (AU), Léa Ikkache (FR) + Ethernet Orchestra (EO): Roger Mills (AU), Mir Shahab Chilan (IR), Chris Vine (BR), Holger Deuter (DE). A telematic performance collaboration between Female Laptop Orchestra (FLO) and Ethernet Orchestra (EO) with live electronics, voice processing, trumpet, traditional Persian instruments balaban and dozaleh, piano, electric guitar, and soundscapes from Dee Why beach.