Performers: Macrophonics (Donna Hewitt – Wearable Interface and Laptop, Julian Knowles -Wearable Interface and Laptop)

Doppelgänger is a work for two wireless wearable performance interfaces, sound and intelligent lighting systems. The work uses unencumbered wireless performance interfaces to drive all media elements via a range of bodily gestures predominantly free air gestures from the two performers. Through the use of a wearable microcontroller and sensor system designed for the project by the artists, the performers are able to play the entire theatrical space (light, sound, video) primarily through arm and hand gestures. This includes an intelligent moving light system that moves theatrical lights and changes light parameters in response to the performers gestures. The work will explore the concept of the Doppelgänger. The term Doppelgänger been defined as the ghostly counterpart of a living person, the idea of a living double, the alter ego, the evil double. This work will invoke and explore these concepts in terms of two performers, mirroring sound and gesture. It will explore the relationship between moving light and sound. It will draw upon and extend the previous work Ghostships by introducing new gestural data, by the introduction of multiple performers, and by the use of elements of gestural control of both sound and lighting simultaneously. In terms of sound, there will also be a focus on the voice and how this might relate to the theme of the alter ego and the idea of the double.

Live Performance at NIME 2016 Concert Brisbane


Doppelgänger, Live Performance at Vivid 2018 presented by 107 Projects Intangible Instruments Program, 8th June 2018. Performers – Donna Hewitt (Lighting), Mary Mainsbridge (sound), Julian Knowles (programming).