Idol is a collaborative performance work for vocal performer and dancers. The work explores movement and sound relative to a vocal interface called the eMic (Extended Microphone Interface Controller). The eMic is a gestural controller designed by the composer for live vocal performance and real-time processing. The process for generating the work involves the choreographer being provided an opportunity to experiment with gestures and movement relative to the eMic interface. The choreography was then videoed and the data coming from the eMic sensors simultaneously recorded. The data and the video were used as part of the compositional process, allowing the composer to see what the performance looked like and to experiment with mapping strategies using the captured sensor data. The work thus uses stylised choreographic gestures as the basis for musical structures.


•    Brisbane Festival’s Under the Radar Program Macrophonics September
•    Understanding Visual Music Conference UVM2011 Presented by Hexagram-Concordia Centre for Research-Creation in Media Arts and Technologies in collaboration with the Department of Music- Concordia University – Peer selected Performance of ‘Idol’ – live performance with screen. 27 August
•    SEAM2011 Spacing Movements OutsideIn Sept2011, Sydney Idol selected by curators for performance at this event.

•    NIME 2010 New Interfaces for Musical Expression Conference University of Technology Performance of electro-acoustic work for Idol (peer selected performance)

•    1⁄4 Inch Experimental Music Series. Wollongong, Australia, October.

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