Permafrost in Surround ACMC2019 performance

1 6 : 0 0 – 1 7 : 3 0 A C M C C O N C E R T – L I V E E L E C T R O N I C S

D R A M A T H E A T R E , B U I L D I N G 6 8

Donna Hewitt

“Permafrost for Surround” (2019)

Permafrost is a multi channel work (5.1) for live recorders and fixed electronics . The work is composed specifically for Blackburn and is the first composer- performer collaboration between these two artists . It is inspired by Alana’ s comprehensive musical vocabulary with the recorder family and highlights her extensive performance experience with the instruments .The work utilises both natural and synthesised sounds , including some recordings of Antarctic wildlife. The work aims to entwine the textures , timbres and spatial character s of the live and pre-recorded sounds . The work is inspired by the concept of ‘Permafrost’ , the ‘permanently ’ frozen earth found in colder climates . The predicted thawing of the permafrost is accompanied by some ominous scientific predictions for the future of our climate, ecosystems and health and was at the forefront of Hewitt’ s mind as she composed this work.

permafrost perform acmc2019
Alana Blackburn performing Permafrost at ACMC2019 Melbourne
Alana Donna ACMC2019 copy
Donna Hewitt & Alana Blackburn ACMC2019 Melbourne


Liquorice Allsorts: A Mixed Bag of Practice

25 June – 7 July
10am – 5pm daily

Bondi Pavilion Gallery

#Me Too video installation was included in the lovely exhibition.

A Waverley Artist Studios project for Bondi Winter Magic.

A lucky-dip of artworks derived from the Waverley Artist Studios, this exhibition is a mixed-bag of delights showcasing the works of Waverley studio artists from 2010 to present.

Artists include:
Andrew Christie, Donna Hewitt, Douglas Lance Gibson, Greg Semu, Jacqui Butterworth, Julian Talarico, Kevin Mackay, Kevin Platt, Kirsten Fredericks, Lisa Patroni, Mason Kimber, Maz Dixon, Megan Hales, Tannya Harricks