Peep Show

Peep Show is a multi-media work using images of my own vocal cords taken with a microscopic camera


•    Audio-visual installation work Peep Show exhibited at the Field Gallery, Newcastle as part of the Technobiography. 30th August – 17th September
•    SECS (Sydney Eclectic Composers Society) Concert, Screening of Peep Show, April
•    Screening of Peep Show, Small Black Box, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.
•    6th Voice Symposium of Australia, Screening of Peep Show October 12
•    Most Significant Bytes Concert Series Ohio USA Screening and webcast of Peep Show. May
•    ‘Waveform’ UWS ACMC 2001 Peep Show Installation. July 2000
•    ‘Sonic Residues’, Sound art Festival at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. Installation of DVD work Peep Show. November
•    Peep Show Installation in the ‘Fuse’ Exhibition at the Llewers Gallery. June-July
•    National Student Video Competition, Finalist for Peep Show, screened at the Chauvel Cinema in Paddington. October
•    Peep Show screening at the UWS Nepean’s annual concert Sonic Circus. September


Review of Sonic Residues 02 by Ian Stevenson Computer Music Journal Vol 25 No 3 Autumn 2001 pp 82-85 below:
A video work by Sydney composer and performer Donna Hewitt, entitled Peep Show was shown. This piece engaged with the gaze directed to the female performer. The work comprises startling endoscopic images of the vocal tract with synchronized audible vocalisation, and processed audio material from interviews with various female performers. The work deals with subject positions and relationships of power within the culture of popular music performance. The images and text alluded to the seen/unseen, real/imagined, felt/unfelt aspects of the audience/performer experience within this context. The transformations within these bipolar axes are mirrored by the transformations of sound and image within the work.
Sonic Residues 02 Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne, Australia, 17 November-2 December 2000 A two week electroacoustic music and sound art event Curated by Dr Garth Paine

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