#Me Two #Me Too

#Me Two #Me Too

This is a collaborative set of works by Donna Hewitt & Mary Mainsbridge. The works are  inspired by the 2018 ‘#Me Too’ campaign and the events that unfolded around the Harvey Weinstein scandal. The work of both artists explores gestural movement and voice, with each performer using a different system and approach to their exploration of gesture. Hewitt works with her eMic and wearable controller that detects arm and hand movements, while Mainsbridge has designed a system that detects whole body motion via the Kinect. These artists decided to embark on a collaboration looking for ways to bring their systems, gestures and voices together to compose and perform a new work. The work explores themes of power, influence, physical gesture and empowerment.

Piece 1: Gravity (Mainsbridge & Hewitt)

Piece 2: Shame (Hewitt & Mainsbridge)

Piece 3: Black (Hewitt)

Donna Hewitt: : eMic, wearable, voice, video

Mary Mainsbridge: Etherstring gestural system, voice, laptop

Dancers: Cloé Fournier and Omer Backley-astrachan JD Young: Video on the left (Gravity)

Mixing & Production: Donna Hewitt

Following video footage from Installation Version shown at Bondi Pavilion Gallery as part of the All Sorts Exhibition in 2019

#Me Two was premiered as part of the Vivid Festival Music program in 2018. The performance took place at 107 Projects in Redfern in June 2018

The piece was later performed as part of the Bondi Feast Festival in the Soma Sonic showcase. July 2018

#Me Two live Soma Sonic, Bondi Feast

The work was presented in Perth as part of the Australasian Computer Music Conference in December 2018. Here is some live footage of the performance.

#Me Two Performance Perth 2018 ‘Shame’

#Me Two Performance Perth 2018 ‘Gravity’

#Me Two Performance Perth 2018 ‘Black’