Nuit (Night) Poetry Film Selected for 2023 International Poetry Film Festival in Los Angeles

So excited that our French poetry film called Nuit (Night), has been selected for inclusion in the 2023 International Poetry Festival in LA. This film is a collaboration between Poet – Ambrosia, Composer – Donna Hewitt and Video Artist – John Montgomery. The work will be screened in April 28-29.

Nuit (Night) tells us of the sacred time of sleep, and dreams. The night goddess Nyx, beckons us away into her benevolent presence. She liberates and renews our heart, soul and mind – our very essence.

Sekret Sounds, 107 Projects, 9th March 2023

Was great to perform with the eMic at Sekret Sounds on Thursday. Nik Wishart curated an interesting, diverse array of performers and works which was inspiring and fun to be part of. I performed the #Me Too works and a new work called Sentient. The later explores the issues around building a sentient machine. Both works were accompanied by video. I collaborated with John Montgomery on the video for Sentient which incorporated AI generated images.