Ethernet Orchestra & Flo collaboration

EO + FLO: Live at Halfback Books & Records, Dee Why, Sydney, Australia, 6 June 2019

Lovely performance with Ethernet Orchestra collaboration with Female Laptop Orchestra recorded live at Halfbackbooks & Records, Dee Why, Sydney Thursday 6th June 2019.

The concert featured visiting FLO founder and sound artist Nela Brown, Sydney based sound artist and vocalist Donna Hewitt, Mir Shahab Chilan performing on traditional Persian instruments balaban and dozaleh and trumpeter and sound artist, Roger Mills performing live at the bookshop.

Online performers included:

Chris Vine (guitar and electronics), Londrina (BR)
Holger Deuter, keyboard and synths), Speyer (DE)
Lea Ikkache (electronics), Paris, (FR)
Sonia Wilkie (flute and live coding), Melbourne (AU)

ethernet orchestra deewhy

Check the excerpt from the first part of the performance expertly mixed by Roger from co-located and remote audio stems!

Check the excerpt from the second part of the performance (filmed with the Zoom Q2n), in which the notoriously flaky Australian network started to ‘rear its ugly head’, allowing Roger and Mir to do a nice balaban and trumpet solos 🙂

FLO: Nela Brown (HR), Sonia Wilkie (AU), Donna Hewitt (AU), Léa Ikkache (FR) + Ethernet Orchestra (EO): Roger Mills (AU), Mir Shahab Chilan (IR), Chris Vine (BR), Holger Deuter (DE). A telematic performance collaboration between Female Laptop Orchestra (FLO) and Ethernet Orchestra (EO) with live electronics, voice processing, trumpet, traditional Persian instruments balaban and dozaleh, piano, electric guitar, and soundscapes from Dee Why beach.

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