Montreal and Halifax 2018 visit

Visiting Canada this week. First stop is an artists talk for the students at Concordia University and then I head off to Nova Scotia for the MINT Conference where I will speak about my work with gestural interfaces and perform with the eMic and wearable. I am also looking forward to a performance with the Concordia Laptop Orchestra cLork.

MINT conference image

Future of Work Expo, Tamworth

Performing at Future of Work Expo, Tamworth on the 13th September.

Guest speaker Jaime Casap – Education Evangelist at Google.

Wearable electronics performance and member of panel speaking about creativity and the future of work.

Soma Sonic at Bondi Feast

Soma Sonic at Bondi Feast. Performances by Mary Mainsbridge, Donna Hewitt and Alon Ilsar. 26th July 2018

Bondi Feast Promo SOMA SONIC GIG copy

Soma Sonic is a collection of performances by artists at the forefront of new musical instrument design.

Featuring solo and collaborative performances from Mary Mainsbridge, Alon Ilsar and Donna Hewitt, three artists whose interactive works explore the intersection between sound, voice, movement and visuals.

Expect the unexpected with innovations in performer-led embodied interface design, augmented vocal applications, wearables and wireless interaction. The performers navigate the interface between humans and machines, from sensor based microphones and wearable performance interfaces to gesture controlled visual environments, embodied interfaces and off-the-shelf gaming controllers transformed into unique musical instruments.

Mary, Alon and Donna have performed and exhibited work internationally and bring together their unique approaches to working with sound and the human body.

“The inventive techno-percussion of live drummer Alon Ilsar – sound takes on a physicality as immediate and dramatic as the (visible) choreography” – Herald, Glasgow

“Hewitt’s morphed voice emerges into dreamy awareness. The aesthetic here is in the electronic orchestration of musical and non-musical fragments into a seductive song” – Realtime

Performers: Donna Hewitt, Alon Ilsar and Mary Mainsbridge

Pretty Gritty #5

Pretty Gritty #5

Sunday November 3, 2013

hearing voices

The last Pretty Gritty for the year celebrates the songbirds—but don’t expect them to just sing sweetly. Heartswin (aka Sar Friedman), recently returned from London, will push song-making to the beautiful beyond; Donna Hewitt will take us into a post-pop sublime; and Tony Osborne will channel multiple muses with his wild and witty vocal improvisations. And ah…yes I’ve programmed myself, Gail Priest, with my warped warblings and loopylayered vocal vignettes.

Vivid Digital Workshop – Macrophonics – Controlling Music and Media with Moving Bodies

Digital Workshops: Macrophonics – Controlling Music and Media with Moving Bodies

This coming Sat 8th June at the MCA

Members of multi-media performance group Macrophonics will demonstrate approaches to the use of wearable sensors and new musical interfaces to control audio and video in real-time. Participants will gain an opportunity to see works in progress by the Macrophonics group.